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Our Seminars

 January 28th, 2012
March 3rd, 2012
  May 19th, 2012
  December 1st, 2012

Tama Tribal Town
Whigham, GA
10 AM -

Florida Seminar
Feb 18th, 2012

Blue Lake Community Center
1865 Highway 77
Chipley, Fl.
For Information call Christina
"Peggy Venable" at (229) 762-3355

Creek History

Our Seminars are growing in numbers and People are
Learning a lot from them. We invite every one to come join
us at these Seminars and learn the ways of our ancestors.
 We have several classes taught at each meeting that you can sign
up for and learn all the different things that are being taught.

So Please sign up for the sessions that you will be attending
A $20, fee is required for Seminar
A meal will be served and a small donation for it.

Thank you and Enjoy the Seminar

For More Information

E-mail US